Just Some Random Thoughts…

Just Some Random Thoughts…

2020 has been the roughest year most people have experienced… granted, there are many, many people that have taken this global pandemic as if it were a hoax. Sure, that’s your right if you don’t believe Science and if you believe in a plethora of conspiracy theories.

But the facts remain…

2020 was the worst financial disaster of our country. We experienced probably the worst drop in the stock market (the Dow fell from 29,000+ to 18,000+ in a very short time) and our economy has been devastated to some extent.

We The People have had to adapt and live with lockdowns and quarantines, toilet paper became scarce, students have had to do online classes on Zoom. And much lying and mis-direction has been created by our current administration, to the point where one wonders… is this treason? Is this criminal in nature?

Millions of US workers lost their jobs and live on stimulus checks that really didn’t cover all their bills. Gig economy workers like myself have lost all or most of their work (as a musician I lost most of my gigs in 2020, but I’m like that I can make money online on the stock market). And, there are long lines at food banks. Unemployment has gone up. Essential workers have been worker tougher and exposing themselves more to the coronavirus.

2020 is almost done with, and I’m looking forward to 2021, but as we see the covid numbers dramatically rise after Thanksgiving (where I’m sure many Americans didn’t follow covid guidelines) since many still traveled to be with family and friends, I’m afraid the numbers will get even hire after Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when many will still refuse to follow the guidelines.


My family has been dug in… we’ve quarantined and locked down for the most part. We do go for walks in our local community park, went for drives around the city, and if we went to a Starbucks drive-thru or the supermarket, we wore masks and shields, and went through a rather tedious de-contamination procedure at home, washing the clothes we wore, taking showers, etc. Most of our food is delivered now, and we wipe everything down so they are clean before bringing into the kitchen. For the most part, we’ve been very strict ourselves with this pandemic and we take it very seriously.

In the end, we are talking about probability. Given your current actions, what is the probability that you will get covid-19? For my family, we are trying to go down to zero percent probability.

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