Stock Market Conspiracy Theories Prior to Easter Sunday

Stock Market Conspiracy Theories Prior to Easter Sunday

A Repeat of Last Year?

It’s been a REALLY weird month on the stock market. And for those who are heavily invested in tech stocks, well… the suffering is immense. And ironically, we are experiencing the same thing we experienced last year in 2020. Maybe a mini-version of the Great Market Crash of 2020.

My initial thoughts?

Sure, maybe the stock market needed to revisit that grueling time. But not me! But that’s what’s happening right now.

Republican Investors Shorting the Stock Market?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Republicans overall were displeased (to put it mildly) with how the election went and that Biden won. They claimed voter fraud, although seriously, there was never any hard evidence that voter fraud occurred, and why give Biden that much credit?

Extremist Republicans stormed The Capitol and there was violence. People died. Many arrested, and the investigation is ongoing.

So, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Republican investors all got together and target tech stocks and shorting them, well… because the major social media sites banned Trump, and big tech was pretty much hated by Republicans (remember all those congressional hearings). Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and other CEOs of Twitter, Google, etc… all had to testify and get grilled on Capitol Hill. Now talk about a witch hunt.

It’s Just a Market Correction

Yes, remember how the stock market rallied on after Biden was elected, and that pretty much carried over into January and February and then, BAM! *In my best Emeril impersonation*

It could be that the stock market got a little ahead of itself, and a market correction was inevitable. And it just so happened that Tesla (TSLA) tanked and the rest of the stock market followed. Eventually, it’ll all rebound and TSLA will skyrocket like SpaceX. It could happen… eventually.

10 Year Treasury Bond Yields

Forgive me for not being knowledgeable enough to understand this, but basically the tech stocks have been tanking because of Treasury Yields going up. Go figure!

More later…

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