Strategies for Spring 2022

Strategies for Spring 2022

We are at a point where it’s highly possible that we are seeing a bounce back in the Stock Market.

After all, the stock market’s resilience has been made clear. In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen the markets get tested with: 1) rate hikes, 2) the invasion of Ukraine, 3) new fears of the global pandemic in the form of new variants, 4) a continuing inflationary situation, 5) the supply chain bottleneck and the continuing microchip shortage.

The Amazon and Alphabet 20-for-1 Splits

Both tech behemoths are preparing for 20-for-1 stock splits. These are quite unprecedented for these two tech giants, and are highly anticipated. Amazon’s stock split will occur on June 3rd and will become official on June 6th. Alphabet’s will be in mid-July.

Our strategy is to invest in these two stocks prior to the split, and to buy up more shares post-split. And we will hold for the long run.

Cannabis Stocks

We recently swing traded Tilray (TLRY) for a profit, but would like to acquire more position(s) when the time is right. With the possibility of a bounceback overall, cannabis stocks might surge once again, and we feel cannabis stocks are seasonal, and might possibly be at a low point.

Apartment Stocks and Public Storage

With all the news that the real estate in California is far too expensive right now, and surging upward, we feel that more apartment communities will be on the rise. Also, with many leaving California because of the cost of living + inflation, apartments and condos are a popular choice, and public self-storage might be booming as well. So, we are watching these stocks and seeing that they are trending upward.

Apple and Microsoft

Apple (AAPL) has produced a new line of products, and the stock is trending upward recently. So we feel this could be a good time to invest in AAPL for the long run. Microsoft (MSFT) on the other hand has been struggle and our recent position is still in the red. But we are confident that the stock will surge, being that it is the No. 2 market cap stock, right behind AAPL. So, long term investment in AAPL and MSFT is a viable strategy for us. In other words, we will buy more shares when we can, and holding to what we currently have.

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