Internet, Wifi, Broadband and your Trading Platform

Internet, Wifi, Broadband and your Trading Platform

In 2019, I upgraded my broadband to a 1 gig connection. The reason being that I needed to improve the performance of my internet connection for faster day trading scenarios. I also upgraded my router to a multi-gig wifi router to handle the higher speeds.

But the dilemma was that my trading platform was downstairs while my router was upstairs. Still, accessing a 1 gig broadband connection via wifi was still fast… sometimes close to 600 mbps speed.

The upgrades have definitely speeded up my day trading, although the potential bottleneck would be on the side of my ISP and my brokerage’s ability to initiate fast speeds to begin with.

During the Market Crash of 2020 back in March last year, the stock market actually had to shutdown a couple of times because everyone was selling their stocks. And there were times when my connection was slow simply because of the online traffic. It can happen, but for the most part this current 1 gig connection is fast.

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