Shopify Leads the Western Sage Equity Fund Once Again with a Gap Up after Earnings!

Shopify Leads the Western Sage Equity Fund Once Again with a Gap Up after Earnings!

Very good news—great news for the fund, actually—Shopify (SHOP) is killin’ it today on the stock market, after posting earnings and revenue that surpassed analysts’ estimates; and as expected, “gapped up” from yesterday by as much as +$131 per share!

The dilemma with the WSEF is that SHOP is the biggest winner and takes up slightly more than 50% of the fund’s profit gains. We are debating on whether to take in profits now, but just to skim off the top, not to sell the whole position. Therefore, was can keep the position in tact and still benefit from the percentage gain.

The Tesla Dilemma

Although the fund’s 2nd biggest winner is Tesla (TSLA), we are not as happy with its performance as we had expected… the stock has been ‘floundering’ for quite some time; spurred on probably by the occasional Tesla crash in which people’s lives were lost, and also because of Elon Musk’s foot-in-mouth statements on Twitter and what not.

Perhaps Elon Musk is a genius and he’s got his hands full with other projects like SpaceX, but I’ve said this before here… the dude needs to chill, and maybe not say so much.

Today TSLA falls below $700 a share once again, struggling even after a great earnings report. So what gives? I don’t know… I’m thinking that one day, Tesla stock will suddenly surge but it feels like many hedge funds are shorting the stock. Heck, maybe Elon Musk is short the stock, although he’d have to make that public because of the SEC. But the bottom line is that the stock has been struggling a big for a company that has a huge market cap of some $670 billion dollars!

Investing in BioNTech

We recently made a substantial purchase of BioNTech (BNTX), who is partnered with Pfizer to bring us that popular Covid Vaccine. We sold Moderna (MRNA) for a nice profit, but we may jump back in at a lower price, and also get back into Pfizer (PFE). We shall see, as we juggle the fund around to maintain a well-balanced collection of various sectors of the stock market.

More later…

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