Some Are Saying the End of the Bear Market is Near

Some Are Saying the End of the Bear Market is Near

Yes, I’ve also noticed the market indexes pushing upward. Of course, it could mean this is another bear trap, but there have been some consistent gains across the board regarding the major indexes.

At least, pre-market, I’m seeing some upward movement.

Continuing to monitor and holding onto positions that have been underwater for quite some time, and these are corporations that have had histories of success, and these are the largest market cap stocks, like TSLA, MSFT, AAPL and GOOG.

I’m currently swing trading BYND, and I’ve been day trading AAL, CCL, BYND and AMC this month.

On a side note: I meditate and practice Yoga almost everyday. This has really helped me in so many ways regarding being an active trader on the stock market. And, life is stressful enough with all the regular things in life like taxes, earning a living, home repairs, Covid… it’s necessary and essential for physical and mental health.

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