Why Inauguration Day is an Important Day for Investors

Why Inauguration Day is an Important Day for Investors

For U.S. Investors, the Presidential Inauguration is an important day for the Stock Market.


Because the before and after this day is a time to monitor the portfolio, whether it falls or surges around this time.

If it surges, then that could function as a good sign for the country and its economy. If it falls then you know there could be a tough 4 years ahead.

Either way, it’s good to keep a close watch on your portfolio during this time.

The Stock Market Surged Today

Today, the stock market is surging, with the Dow currently at +185.25, and the NASDAQ is currently at +217.704. The S&P 500 is at +40.96. The NYSE is currently at +70.18.

Not all stocks are doing well today. So far, stocks that I normally day trade have been struggling a bit. Why would this be? That’s a good question. Perhaps there is lower volume since the inauguration ceremony is going on as I write this.

Netflix Surges on Earnings Beat

I’ll tell you one thing… I should’ve bought Netflix (NFLX) as the stock is surging this morning big time, up +71.49 a share because of a strong earnings report, apparently because of the pandemic and many quarantined for months.

I can only say that I wished I owned NFLX before this day.

Aligning Your Portfolio with a Biden Administration

Regardless of anyone’s political standing, it’s important to align your stock portfolio with the incoming president. What policies will he champion? Will he be more focused on climate change? The global pandemic?

Simply put, it’s important to align one’s portfolio to the incoming administration. For instance, newly-elected President Biden will be much more focused on climate change, so it’s important to research stocks that are fighting climate change; companies who produce products and services that help fight climate change: electric cars, solar and wind power, waste management systems, etc.

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