NFL Game Theory – The Revenge Factor

NFL Game Theory – The Revenge Factor

In the regular season, the Chiefs were beaten by 5 AFC teams: Ravens, Chargers, Bills, Titans and Bengals.

The Ravens simply didn’t make it to the playoffs, with QB Lamar Jackson sustaining an ankle injury.

The Chargers also didn’t make the playoffs, despite a stellar performance by rookie QB Justin Herbert. The Chiefs got their revenge by beating the Chargers later in the season, in OT.

The Bills made the playoffs and were eliminated by the Chiefs in last weekend’s Divisional Round. Another revenge game in OT.

The Titans were also eliminated by the Bengals in last weekend’s Divisional Round. An indirect revenge game courtesy of the Bengals.

So far, with the exception of the Bengals, every AFC team that has beaten the Chiefs have been eliminated either indirectly, or directly via a revenge game.

The ‘revenge factor’ is a serious thing to consider in the upcoming AFC Championship Game, pitting a rematch of the Chiefs vs. Bengals.

A revenge game in the making.

Update On The Chief’s Loss

So, the Chiefs lost to the Bengals in overtime when they failed to produce a winning touchdown. The Bengals intercepted a long pass to Tyreek Hill and marched down the field to score the winning field goal.

In short, the Chiefs had this game won in the first half with a score of 21-3. But, just seconds before halftime, instead of kicking a field goal to extend the lead to 24-3, they tried for a touchdown pass and failed.

In the second half, the Bengals defense adjusted, and Mahomes (I thought) threw too many times and deviated from the first half plan. They should have found ways to continue the running game and eat up the clock while scoring to extend the lead. Instead, the Bengals rallied and caught up and took the lead. The only points scored by the Chiefs in the second half were by a Butker field goal that tied it up going into overtime.

I just thought the Chiefs should’ve stuck with their game plan and maintain the lead, and eating up the clock with the running game, which I thought barely existed in the second half. They got greedy and thought they had this won at halftime, and the rest is history.

Anyway, I’ll be rooting for the Rams, being that I’m a Californian at heart, and that I wish to seek revenge on the Bengals for the Chiefs’ loss.

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