Post-Christmas Thoughts

Post-Christmas Thoughts

As I dwell on the fact that Christmas Day has passed us, I can’t help but think about all the folks who had a less than fortunate Christmas, like the homeless and downtrodden.

I think about those who were sick with various illnesses around Christmas time, and their struggles to get back to being healthy. And it makes me think more about taking care of myself, healthwise. And that it’s important to do all you can to be in optimal health.

I think about those who didn’t get vaccinated for COVID, and got it. Some survived as if it was a miracle from God, but if they had only gotten vaccinated and boosted, they wouldn’t be in a health-compromising situation. I always tell people to get vaccinated and boosted, but people will do what they do or not, or they may procrastinate. One such individual I know was never vaccinated and he got COVID and was in the hospital since December 10. He was released on Christmas Day, and good for him that he survived COVID so far. But, I’ve read there are long COVID side effects that might last a lifetime which one has to deal with… and this individual has to learn how to walk again.

As I continue to ponder over the global predicament of the COVID Omicron Variant, Delta Variant and others, one can see just how it has affected everything, from people leaving their jobs in the Great Resignation to the global supply chain bottlenecks that are occuring. And let’s not forget there is still a microchip shortage worldwide.

One must always be aware of our personal security situation. Are we saving enough for the future? What are we doing to improve our lives and maintain a sense of security, so that in the event of some personal catastrophe, we are prepared and have the capability to bounce back and survive it.

In the end, we are all just trying to survive, but with all the thoughts about Christmas time and the holidays, HOPE is one of the essential ingredients that is a big factor in our personal well being. I for one am guilty of being a big spender in the past, that I was deep in credit card debt and my finances seemed out-of-control. I’m in a better place now, but I keep thinking that, had I had the knowledge and discipline 20 years ago, I would be in a much better place. But I have to give myself some credit for becoming more disciplined when it comes to personal finances, and that I have a better perspective on a lot of things.

But hindsight is always 20/20, as they say…

The important thing is to do things now that will improve your future, because what we do (or don’t do) in the present determines our future…

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