Some Random Holiday Thoughts

Some Random Holiday Thoughts

So, the stock market has been interesting in December 2021, as we had a nice tech rally to begin the month, followed by some low volume activity with the markets in the red. This morning all market indexes are red and falling lower.

I’ve invested in some blue chips to start the month, and I’m gaining traction as they are trending up, with exception of Costco, which is my only stock that is in a losing position so far, but I’m confident that the stock will trend upward eventually. After all, Costco is a highly successful company and it’s a household name that most people go to as well. And one analyst predicted it will hit $580 a share in the months to come.

For me, December 2021 could be a low activity month for me, trading-wise, as I’m pretty busy like every other person who is preparing for the holiday festivities. However, in a Covid pandemic, it’s unsure how families will truly get together, especially with this new Omicron variant looming in the shadows.

I love to travel abroad, but the times make it impossible and I’m one not to force myself to get out there. I’m patient and I can bide my time until is absolutely safe to travel again, and being someone who has traveled in countries in which other Americans would not, like Israel, China, Jordan and Middle East in general, with a global pandemic I’m one not to take the risk this time. I’ll wait…

I haven’t been too busy on Facebook and other social media sites lately. I don’t mind sharing a bit, but sometimes I get tired of it all, and lately I’ve been one to protect my privacy. But I’m still on FB in limited amounts of time.

More later…

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