“When It’s Grim, Be the Grim Reaper and Go Get It!”

“When It’s Grim, Be the Grim Reaper and Go Get It!”

Those words from Chiefs head coach Andy Reid to QB Patrick Mahomes in the final 13 seconds of the game have resonated with me. And somehow I have transferred this train of thought to the grim situation in the Stock Market!

Yes, it looks quite grim on the Stock Market right now… since pretty much the beginning of January have seen stock prices tumbling and it seems to be getting worse with each new week.

The thing is… historically, the Stock Market has rebounded from all crashes and market corrections. There’s a lot going on in the world that are making stock prices tumble and investors afraid. But, to paraphrase the great Warren Buffett, I just walk away and not look at the stock market for a few weeks. Things will rebound back.

I guess I’ve seen enough drama on the stock market to not be too phased by these dramatic dips. And eventually, the stock market will bounce back and that would be the time to buy stocks at bargain basement prices.

And when that time comes, I say “Go Get It!”…

Patience is a virtue!

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