Random Thoughts on May 11, 2021

Random Thoughts on May 11, 2021

You hear the stories… of some old aunt who invested in Amazon when it was only $20 a share? And now Amazon is worth over $3,100 a share?

That’s why we hold long!

The stock market is tumbling yet again… but right now I’m holding long on all positions. The fund is actually at it’s lowest in more than a year! But, I continue to hold long, especially SHOP.

Ark Funds (ARKK) is another ETF that seems to keep tumbling, yet Cathie Wood is confident and reassured. That’s gutsy.

A stock portfolio is like a marriage. Sure, you need all the right ingredients in addition to the Love, but you have to ride the good times and the bad, traverse the peaks and the valleys, so that you will come out better in the end.

You never actually lose a losing position until you sell out.

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