Technical Analysis: Here’s the Deal with Tesla Stock

Technical Analysis: Here’s the Deal with Tesla Stock

Tesla stock (TSLA) has been tanking for the last 30+ days, based on a variety of triggers… Frankly, I think a big part of this downtrend was CEO Elon Musk’s rather irresponsible tweets about the stock overvalued. Dear Elon: Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet. Anyway, Tesla’s stock was a bit ahead of itself, so there was an inevitable pressure for the stock to sink from its high of $900.40.

There were analysts saying that the stock was destined to hit $1,000 a share, given how close that high was to 1K. But, let’s look at the chart and see what’s happening, or what could actually be happening.

My Analysis

TSLA has already hit a low of $539.49.

The stock has been trending back up the past 3 days. But keep in mind, tech stocks and the NASDAQ have been hit hard since 10 year Treasury Yields were suddenly high. Okay I don’t quite understand the fundamentals of that but let’s take it from a more technical viewpoint.

The circled area in the above chart shows a signal that the 20 day moving average has crossed above the 50 day moving average (the blue and white lines, respectively). And in the past 2-3 days that blue line has been trending upward… a possible good sign of a rebound.

The 200 day moving average (the dashed pink line) looks like it’s leveling off, a sign that perhaps we’ve hit rockbottom.

The Ichimoku Cloud (the green and brown areas) shows us that there is green ahead. A good sign.

We can never be 100% sure, and I have no crystal ball, but these chart indicators seem to point to a rebound for TSLA stock. We shall see what happens in the next few days.

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