Big Tech Stocks Surged, Then Slumped After Earnings

Big Tech Stocks Surged, Then Slumped After Earnings

The big tech stocks like Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta and even Shopify, surged earlier today just before earnings. But, after earnings? Well, they didn’t quite meet analysts’ estimates, so they slumped, especially in after-hours trading.

Okay. These are all top market cap stocks, the most valued in the world. They will rebound, and the earnings weren’t off by much. Of course, with Apple they had their production problems in China with the Covid pandemic surging there. And Alphabet didn’t post stellar advertising revenues. But, they will continue to prevail in the months to come.

Actually, it was Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Meta that posted earnings today. Shopify will post earning on February 15.

What Will Happen Now?

Who knows, to be honest…

From past experience, I’d like to think that these big tech giants will rebound. These stocks were on an upward tragectory in the past 30 days. So, after several days of slumps, I think these stocks will rebound.

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