Post-Thanksgiving Stuffing and Leftovers

Post-Thanksgiving Stuffing and Leftovers

Thanksgiving Day went pretty well for me and my family.

We visited my side of the family and my wife’s as well. Didn’t get to meet up with everyone, but with enough of the relatives to make it substantial. Then my nuclear family had a nice quiet Thanksgiving Day dinner at home… half of the table was omnivore food and the other half was vegan food for me and my eldest son (yes, we are both vegan).

I use Cronometer to track my food intake and my activity. I did well yesterday, even though I ‘pigged out’ on a Vegan Turkey Roast from Trader Joe’s, some vegan potato salad, some vegan lo mein, and vegan samosas. I capped it off with a nice glass of merlot.

We still have leftover, and that stuffing was pretty good in the vegan turkey loaf.

I also had my annual checkup a couple of days ago just before Thanksgiving. And so far the readings of my blood work are all normal. Just waiting for a few more results.

As far as Black Friday?

I’m not really interested in buying anything. Although I’ve had my eye on a new digital camera for future trips abroad, and a new trigger drum module for my drumming and piano gigs (the trigger module for my one man jazz trio).

The stock markets are down today, on news of a new covid variant in South Africa, but BNTX, PFE and MRNA are surging this morning on that bit of news.

And, we just have half a day for today’s trading session.

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