Putting Together A Buy List To End 2023

Putting Together A Buy List To End 2023

Focusing on Credit Card Stocks Again

Credit Card stocks like MasterCard (MA), Visa (V) and American Express (AXP) are typically easy winners in the long term, but ‘consumer confidence’ is also a big factor. And when the economy is struggling, people will either shy away from credit card purchases, or if consumers are struggling they may use credit cards, hoping to pay them down in the future.

I think credit cards are going to be used more in 2024. Why? Because post-covid, more and more people are traveling both domestically and abroad. And many credit cards offer travel points every time you purchase with your credit card. Of course, one should be able to payoff the credit card balance to avoid the high interest charges.

But, looking at the latest charts, credit card companies could be bouncing back big time, as traveling becomes popular again and as consumer confidence starts going up as inflation goes down.

I recently bought more Visa (V) shares, and I intend to buy MasterCard (MA) and American Express (AXP) in 2024.


Do I dare buy META again?

I don’t know… it can be a volatile stock, and it has been surging, but now it’s taking a bit of a dive heading into December 2023.

Energy Stocks and Big Oil?

I’ve always been reluctant to buy big oil and energy stocks. For one, they can be volatile, depending on the time of year, as these stocks can be seasonal. Maybe, at the 12 month low, I’ll consider Marathon Oil (MRO), Shell (SHEL) or Exxon Mobil (XOM).

Charles Schwab Stock and ETF?

I’m also considering buying Schwab (SCHW) stock and Schwab (SCHB) ETF, rather conservation stocks.

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