Post-Christmas Thoughts

Post-Christmas Thoughts

Christmas and Hannukah have come and gone, and we just have New Year’s Eve to celebrate. My nuclear family and I have been pretty much quarantined and locked down for most of 2020. It’s been a very hard year, despite seeing my relatives and friends still getting together for Christmas, and the Covid-19 numbers are going up dramatically.

Here’s the thing. You can choose to believe it’s a hoax. Or you can choose to believe the numbers have been inflated and are inaccurate. But we live in a digital computer age of number crunching and hi-tech, the kind of Science that the naysayers are communicating on as they deny that Science.

Think about it…

Science and technology are pretty darn accurate. When you code in a computer language it has to be 100% accurate or the program or application will fail. Science has put humans into orbit and on the moon. Flat Earthers, for example, can’t really say anything when we have astronauts conducting experiments on the International Space Station that orbits around the Earth!

Science and technology have brought us closer together and has taken down walls and country borders with the Internet and the world wide web! The technology and Science that we use everyday to trade stocks on Wall Street is amazing, the more I think about it… when in the old days investors had to place phone calls in order to trade stocks.

2020 has been a rough year, a global pandemic and an economic crisis, combined with major mis-information perpetuated for political reasons. No wonder our response in the U.S. to this global pandemic has failed us, when other countries like New Zealand and Taiwan and Japan were more united in stopping the coronavirus. In other words, these countries’ citizens understood the graveness and importance of lockdowns and quarantines, whereas our American individuality and arrogance have hurt us and our friends and loved ones, so much so that 300,000 dead Americans doesn’t mean a whole lot to us. It’s deplorable!

I’m afraid that 2021 will not see the end to this global pandemic, and historically speaking the Spanish Flu (which incidentally did NOT originate in Spain) lasted for two and a half years! From what I’ve seen online with families still flying and getting together with relatives despite the fact that these are different households, January will gives us even more dramatic increases in infections and deaths. Our hospitals will be overflowing with covid patients. Many will be turned away.

But, my own nuclear family will remain vigilant in staying-at-home, locking down, quarantining and whatever it takes to stop the spread of this infectious disease and to keep my family safe. It is a responsibility that so many others refuse to take on, as they don’t understand or are in denial.

God Bless America.

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